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Theme 1 - Acoustics and structures

Measurement of acoustic resistance of perforated plates subjected to a pulsated grazing flow PDF
Jean Michel Coulon, Xukun Feng, Zacharie Laly, Noureddine Atalla
Bio-Inspired Flow Velocity Microphone: Acoustic Simulation of Possible Encapsulating Packages PDF
Kiran Vadavalli, Frédéric Lepoutre, Stephane Leahy, Jérémie Voix
Noise Reduction in Ducts using Helmholtz Resonators PDF
Sourabh Dogra, Arpan Gupta, Umberto Berardi
Evolution of the Acoustical Provisions within the National Building Code of Canada PDF
Todd Busch
Separation of Wind Turbine Infrasound Acoustics from Wind Noise using Cross-spectra PDF
John Vanderkooy
The effects of acoustical ceiling panel type and penetrations for services on vertical sound isolation inside buildings PDF
Gary S. Madaras

Theme 2 - Acoustics and living beings

3D Finite Element Model of the Human Thorax to Study its Low Frequency Resonance Excited by an Acoustic Harmonic Excitation onto the Chest Wall PDF
Arife Uzundurukan, Philippe Micheau, Sébastien Poncet, Pierre Grandjean, Daria Camilla Boffito
In-Ear Noise Dosimetry : Field Method Using Earmuffs’ Noise Reduction PDF
Arthur Colombier, Chahinez Hocine, Cécile Le Cocq, Olivier Doutres, Franck Sgard, Jérémie Voix
Development of an intra-aural protective device for hearing-impaired individuals working in noisy environments PDF
Solenn Ollivier, Jérémie Voix, Rachel Bouserhal, Christian Giguère, Fabien Bonnet, Hugues Nélisse
The effects of microgravity on tongue height PDF
Arian Shamei, Bryan Gick
Biomechanical simulation of lip compression and spreading PDF
Connor Mayer, Chenhao Chiu, Bryan Gick
The acoustics of guttural fricatives in three languages PDF
Koorosh Ariyaee, Chahla Ben-Ammar, Talia Tahtadjian, Alexei Kochetov
The Contextual Effects of Nasal Vowels on Velopharyngeal Opening in Quebecois French PDF
Charissa Y. Purnomo, Linda X. Wu, Gillian de Boer, Jahurul Islam, Bryan Gick
Coronal fricatives among L1 and L2 Hul'q'umi'num' speakers PDF
Sonya Bird, Phil Howson
Speaker Accommodations towards VUI Voices on the dimensions of Voice Onset Time and Pitch Range PDF
Gracellia Purnomo, Chloë Farr, Charissa Y Purnomo, Nicole Ebbutt, Amanda Cardoso, Bryan Gick
Prosodic Differences in Mandarin Speakers With Alzheimer’s Disease PDF
Linda Xianglin Wu, Arian Shamei, Yadong Liu, Bryan Gick
The effect of place of articulation on the extent of velopharyngeal opening in Quebecois French nasal consonants PDF
Jacqueline Ama Murray, Melissa Wang, Jahurul Islam, Gillian de Boer, Bryan Gick
Effects of Timbre and Pitch Register on Perceived Emotion in Melodies PDF
Ange-Dominique A. Akesse, Michael D. Hall
Speaking Versus Smiling: The Labiodentalization of Bilabials in Korean PDF
Elisabeth H Kang, Yadong Liu, Annabelle Purnomo, Melissa Wang, Bryan Gick
Computer Assisted Segmentation of Tongue Ultrasound and Lip Videos PDF
Pertti Palo

Theme 3 - Acoustics and computers

Data-driven Acoustic Source Localization in Turbulent Flows PDF
Arnav Joshi, Hamid Daryan, Jean-Pierre Hickey
Multi-objective optimization of the energy efficiency and the tonal noise of the propeller blades of an unmanned aerial systems rotor. PDF
Tenon Charly KONE
Is enough enough? PDF
Henk de Haan, Virgini Senden
Studying the suitability and adaptability of noise maps as a tool for health prevention in the province of Quebec PDF
Jean-Philippe Migneron, Frédéric Hubert, Benoit Lalonde, Jean-François Hardy, Yves Brousseau, Jean-Gabriel Migneron, Marie-Hélène Vandersmissen, Thierry Badard, Joë Bouchard

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