Social Events

Welcome reception:

The AWC 2023 Welcome Reception will take place on the evening of Tuesday, October 3. All participants are cordially invited to attend. It's an ideal opportunity to make contacts in a friendly atmosphere with other scientists, engineers and conference participants.


Gala Dinner Event:

The AWC organizing committee is planning a congress banquet after the technical sessions on Thursday, October 5. Attendance at the gala is free of charge for all participants (except those attending the individual days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).


Powerpoint Karaoke:

Powerpoint Karaoke (also called Powerpoint Roulette or Battledecks) is an improv game where volunteers give a presentation from a slide deck they’ve never seen, taken randomly from various slide decks presented in AWC2023.

The name "Powerpoint Karaoke" comes from combining "PowerPoint", the presentation software, and "karaoke," the popular singing performance game. It is a game that tests the presenters improvisation skills, gets people laughing, and keeps everyone wondering what will happen next…

Simply register for this event by selecting the appropriate option during your registration process. It will also be possible to register at the last minute at the registration desk.


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NoiseCapture Party:

Join us during AWC23 as we embark on an exciting endeavor to map the sound environment in Montréal, not only around the conference venue but also beyond. Wondering how to accomplish this task efficiently and objectively? We have the perfect solution for you - the NoiseCapture application. This Android app, developed as part of the NoisePlanet project by CNRS and Université Gustave Eiffel, is free and open-source. With NoiseCapture, you can easily measure and share your sound environment data.

To facilitate your participation, Professor Olivier Robin (an ambassador and user of NoiseCapture) along with Professor Olivier Doutres (a user of the app), have set up a dedicated booth. At the booth, we will assist you in calibrating your phone and provide all the essential information about the app. You can also explore real-life examples of how NoiseCapture has been utilized in research and education.

Our collective challenge during the conference is to surpass 1000 measurements, and we will provide daily updates on our progress. So, don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the sound mapping initiative and be part of an impactful project. See you at the booth!




Visit 1: Exclusive tour of CIRMMT

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT pronounced “kermit”) is housed at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University, just a couple blocks north of the AWC2023 venue. CIRMMT is a multidisciplinary research group that seeks to develop innovative approaches to the scientific study of music media and technology, to promote the application of newer technologies in science and the creative arts, and to provide an advanced research training environment. CIRMMT occupies a unique position on the international stage having developed intense research partnerships with other academic and research institutions, as well as diverse industry partners throughout the world. Several volunteers of the AWC2023 local organising committee are regular members of CIRMMT and a special tour has been arranged to let AWC2023 delegates discover this unique center and visit its new Music Multimedia Room.


Visit 2: Exclusive tour ICAR

The ICAR laboratory (Infrastructure commune en acoustique pour la recherche ÉTS-IRSST) is housed at ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure), just a couple blocks away from the AWC2023 venue. ICAR is a training and research laboratory for industrial acoustics. Its creation results from the successful collaboration between ÉTS university and IRSST occupational health research institute.

ICAR allows to test, improve and develop new products or processes that are more acoustically efficient: industrial machines, tools, transportation vehicles, household appliances, acoustic materials and metamaterials and hearing protection devices.
The ultimate goal of ICAR activities is to increase the comfort, health and safety of workers (and the general public) through the operation of state-of-the-art acoustic testing facilities that meet the needs of both industry and academic researchers.


Visit 3: Exclusive visit of the Maison symphonique

Inaugurated in 2011, the Maison symphonique is internationally recognized for the excellence of its acoustics. What criteria were used to achieve this excellence?

Located in the heart of downtown near the metro and numerous construction sites, how was it ensured that no noise would interfere with the music played inside? How was the hall designed so that each of the 2100 spectators would benefit from the same sound quality? From the shape of the hall to the choice of materials, from the design of the seats to the choice of the ventilation system, come and discover why the Maison symphonique is a true musical showcase.

The tour of the hall will be guided by Romain Dumoulin, acoustician, senior consultant at Soft dB, together with SNC Lavalin and/or Artec

Additional details (including possible registration fees will be available soon).



Cocktails, Labs & Ghosts:


EERS Global Technologies Inc is a Montreal-based company that sponsors the "ÉTS-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS)" led by Prof. Jérémie Voix.
EERS specializes in enhancing hearables with advanced hearing protection, biometric and in noise communication solutions. Nick Laperle, CEO and founder of EERS, is conveying all AWC2023 delegates interested to attend a cocktail (registration free but mandatory through the online form), at its creative facilities located on the 7th floor of INGO Innovation building at 355 Peel Street (across the street from ETS), on Wednesday October 4th, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Technical tours of the EERS and CRITIAS laboratories will be offered to guests followed by a famous Ghost Tour of Griffintown.
For those interested in the famous Ghost Tour of Griffintown facilitated by EERS, you can find more details here:  
It will be offered at the discounted price of 21$ per person. The tour is approximately 90 minutes, entirely on foot and outdoors. It concludes about a 5 minute walk from the start location. A theatrical guide/storyteller is included, who will walk the group to each haunted location and tell the ghost story and history. This is classic ghost storytelling, no other actors or jump scares.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP by filling this online form before September 30th, 2023.


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