Open Conference Systems, Acoustics Week in Canada 2016

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Comparison of Air Craft Noise Exposure in between NEF Contour Prediction and 24-Hour Measurement Results
Eric Gu, Mark Bliss

Last modified: 2016-08-26


BKL Consultants presents her latest findings on the difference in noise exposures in between data collected from long-term noise measurements and predictions from NEF contours. This study was performed in the Greater Vancouver area where noise levels caused by aircraft activities related to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) are major concerns. YVR previously selected a list of locations for their long-term noise monitoring program. BKL’s analysis focuses on these locations and areas nearby.

YVR publishes annual equivalent noise levels at these selected locations. BKL used these annual monitoring results to compare with the predicted noise exposures at the same locations from NEF contours.

24-hour noise measurement results were also used to compare with YVR’s annual equivalent noise levels. A statistical analysis on the 24-hour noise measurement results was performed in order to investigate on daily variations.

From BKL’s study, noise levels predicted by NEF contour are usually more conservative. BKL has discussed about her practical ideas on residential and commercial developments in regions near YVR as well.

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